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Did you know people trust online reviews 12 times more than other marketing efforts? Managing your online reputation is the single most important facet of your digital marketing. Our exclusive Blue Zone Dashboard helps you solicit, boost, and manage your online reviews – all with one login. By collecting feedback and ensuring your customers are getting what they want and expect, you can encourage them to share their experiences with others, thereby bettering your reputation and attracting new customers. Get ready to take your business to the next level with our Reputation Management tool.  

Business Overview

When you enter the Reputation Management tool in the Blue Zone Dashboard, the first section is the Business Overview. This allows you to track and analyze your online reputation. You can view the total number of reviews received across multiple platforms and domains, such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Glassdoor, and more. The Business Overview section gives you the ratio of positive to negative reviews and the percentage of reviews that already have responses. 

Responding to reviews is a critical aspect of reputation management. It not only shows that you value customer feedback but also helps protect and boost your Google score. Positive reviews not only build credibility but also attract new customers. And you might be surprised to hear: negative reviews aren’t a loss! By addressing negative experiences promptly and professionally, you can turn them into opportunities to show your commitment to customer satisfaction. Responding to reviews also encourages customers to return (even after a negative experience), and it prevents potential clients from being deterred by a negative review. It’s important to include keywords in your response. This boosts your Google score, even on a negative review (i.e., “at Blue Zone we strive for a 5 star review every time”). 

Reviews Overview

Your next tool in the Reputation Management toolkit is the Reviews Overview. This allows you to track your reviews, response rate, and average rating over time. With the ability to set specific time frames, you can identify peaks and drops in review activity. This enables you to take proactive measures to address any issues or capitalize on positive feedback.

Reviews Overview enables you to analyze the usage of keywords within your reviews. This feature helps you understand patterns in customer feedback and identify trends in positive and negative reviews. By tracking the frequency of keywords, you can gain valuable insights into areas of strength and areas that may require improvement. 

All Reviews

The All Reviews screen allows you to see specific reviews that people have left across multiple platforms, including Glassdoor, Trip Advisor, Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Say goodbye to checking in on a long list of different review sites, and say hello to more time (and more money!) It also allows you to select a date range and conveniently see which reviews are awaiting a response. 


The Templates section allows you to create response templates for different types of reviews. If you receive several of the same types of reviews, this allows you to use the same template for all of them! By including relevant keywords in your responses, you can boost your Google score, even when addressing negative reviews. Crafting personalized and professional responses demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and showcases your brand in a positive light. 

Review Display Widget 

The final section of the Reputation Management tool is the Review Display Widget. In this section, you can customize and display reviews on your website. This widget allows you to showcase positive customer experiences, further enhancing your online reputation and instilling confidence in potential customers.


If you didn’t think reputation management was important before, now you know: it’s vital for your digital marketing strategy! With the Reputation Management tool in the Blue Zone Dashboard, you can manage all online reviews while actively engaging with your customers. By prioritizing reputation management and leveraging the power of online reviews, you can enhance your brand image, build customer loyalty, and attract new business. Start managing your online reputation today and reap the rewards of a positive brand perception.