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When it comes to social media posting, many businesses shrug it off as too much work.  It’s true -social media takes a commitment, and it’s time-consuming.  Thankfully, we’re sharing four fantastic tools in our toolbelt that make the job more doable.

  1. A Good Design Tool

A great beginner design tool is the Canva app.  It’s very user-friendly, and with an affordable upgrade to the pro version, you gain access to several stock images and graphics to step up your posting game!

Helpful Social Media Tools

Creative and eye catchy content is one of the most important facets of social media.  You only have 2.7 seconds to gain the attention of a social media user.  That means you have to catch their attention with strong visual content that will stop them in their scroll.

  1. A Hashtag Generator Tool

Hashtags bring your content into a larger conversation online.  It helps you get found when social media users search by a particular topic or campaign.  If you use relevant hashtags that your audience is already following, they’ll come in contact with your posts more frequently, and ultimately become a follower of you, too!

There are countless hashtag generators online that automatically provide numerous hashtags based on your specific field.  These are especially useful on Instagram.

  1. A Content Guide & Calendar

“What should I post on Social Media?” is one of the most common questions our team gets from clients.  Obviously, any business’ social media content needs to be unique, but only a percentage of what your post needs to be relative to your brand. The rest should take advantage of more generalized topics like national holidays or current events.  This provides an opportunity for you to use those hashtags we were just talking about!


We could write a whole blog post on this topic alone, but we know you’re busy, so let’s keep it simple.  Blue Zone actually offers an Exclusive, 3 page Social Media Content Guide that tells you what to post, when to post, and where to post it.  It’s a 52-week guide suggesting social media content that is easily adaptable to your brand.  And we’re willing to share!  Just contact us directly if you’re interested in getting this awesome Free Download!

  1. Scheduling Tools

The Content Guide is awesome for the what, where, and when, but everybody always asks about the HOW!?  “How do I manage social media consistently?”  Well, this is when a social media scheduling tool comes in handy.  Research shows that the most common impediment to owners posting about their business on social media is time.  A scheduler saves you when it comes to this precious commodity.

With the exclusive Blue Zone Dashboard, not only can you schedule all of your posts out for the month, you can do it with ONE login!  No more logging into multiple sites to post.  Compile your content once, and it automatically dispatches to all your social media platforms with one click.  You can schedule a month of posts ahead of time, and get back to doing what you do best – running your business!

Social Media takes thought and time, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.  A few simple tools can make you more efficient and productive.  Having some handy tools in your marketing toolbox makes all of the work you put into your Social Media work for you!
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